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And after that post, I come up with stuff to say.
Today's the last day of the second week of college for me.  Alright, so it's not what you'd normally picture for a college -it's a community college in my area.  I applied to it and a well-known, well-thought-of college but even though I got accepted into the latter, I appreciated the less money required in the former option.

As bad as I am when it comes to plans, I have a pretty good idea that it's better to pay less for the same classes than to pay more just for the college name.  D:  The college name only matters if it's...well, one of those amazingly-ultra-snazzy places.

My, ah, now ex-boyfriend (is it really ex?  The way things are, it's so confusing), asked that because of the mess his life is in right now, he'd like to just be friends at the moment.  I agreed, trying to be as reasonable as possible, since - regardless what he says, he loves me and I love him.  That might change, hell it's more likely now that it's this "just friends" thing until he gets things back in gear for himself, but why worry more when that is actually out of my power?  Fretting about it and harrassing him isn't going to help my wants any.

Lack of sleep and difficulty sleeping, though, is a terrible thing.  D:

Drawing the non-anime stuff again.  ...The stuff that makes people usually go "WTF?!" or worry about talking to me.  ._.  Sadly it's the stuff I feel most closely with, the pieces of me that i'm least willing to share through any means but art.

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Ooooo I remember how insanely good you are at art.


I completely suck at anime art, and wasn't that the only art I did back then? XD

You don't suck at anime art! You're soooo good, Chrissy!!

Lies! DD: But i'm flattered, and thank you.

You're welcome.

And I don't lie. Much.



Stop saying you suck at it XDXD

OMG but liek I totally don't. DD:

Look up MeiIkaruga on Deviant Art. That's my stuff. D: Judge then. lol

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