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On the Unending Sex War and General Other Things

I was on a forum today, browsing through the more serious sections on life discussions, advice threads, things like that, and what pops up? A "Why Do Men Cheat?" thing. Okay, I click on it wondering what this person is actually wanting to hear. The woman ends up actually listing off a lot of detailed reasons she'd surveyed on why men cheat (when they do cheat.) So, i'm okay with that, she wants to share what men have been telling her, it's interesting to think about (with a grain of salt.)

Then come the reply threads, and whoo, were they a doozy. Essentially, most women replying are basically saying equivalents of "all men are wolves, they just can't stop themselves!" and the men, in turn, become angry and start to toss things like "You women are all alike!" and "Women cheat more than men do! Women are the more coldhearted, the more cruel!"

At first I hadn't planned on replying, but finally I decide, hey, we need someone in the gray area there. Essentially I said the same thing that i'm going to here.

Don't people get tired of blaming the opposite gender for problems? Yes, we're different. Yes, we think differently a lot of the time, partially because of biology and partially because of cultural gender roles, but come on. Men are not demons, and women aren't saints, just like women aren't bitches from hell and men aren't wonders of the world. We're both awesome, in my opinion, and hell, I like the differences. It makes things interesting. So why do some women constantly blame men for things that happen, especially in relationships? And why do some men do the same? Why not try to actually figure out the problems, instead of tossing around a big giant ugly hot potato of blame?

What do you think?

Also, someone asked me a little while ago what i'd do if someone I found attractive asked me out right now. Well, actually it was a survey for a couple of women, and I kind of got weird looks for my answer.

My answer was that, well, I don't have the time to give a relationship what it deserves, what the person i'd be with deserves, if I got in one right now. I barely give my friends enough as it is, with college and problems that essentially I gave myself because of stupid decisions for four to five whole long, looong years. I have things I need to work out, things that would cause someone problems they don't need to, and shouldn't have to, deal with. I'm fixing my problems on my own right now, and that's what i've got to do. I'm improving myself right now, while I work hard in my college classes. I've been...well, i've been a pretty damn crappy person for the past year or two. I'm changing that. Slowly.

I guess my longwinded answer got stares because either they thought I was silly, or it was because everyone else was giving short and sweet answers like "Oh, i'd be really shy about it, but i'd accept them! It'd make me so happy!"

In other news, I got my hands on the final volumes of Kenshin, so I get to read what happens. Yay~.

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I love you.


I just automatically blame joey for shit, because he's a uy, but apparently he's supposed to be always right, because he is "the guy" or something.

Men are weeeeiiiirrrddd!!~

Awesome! I have received love for a post? Lol.

See, the whole gender thing just confuses the crap out of me. =\ Then again, I was always a little out there...I guess I missed the big gender-blame-explosion age where it all starts, whenever that happened. xD

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