Take the Blindfold Off Before You Leave

In my dazed and dizzy mind

I need to, like, actually update this more often. D=

On the Unending Sex War and General Other Things
Cutting this, just to save anyone who doesn't want to read it some time.Collapse )

In other news, I got my hands on the final volumes of Kenshin, so I get to read what happens. Yay~.

A little graphics playground 001
After looking at so many neat icons, I come I never try to make any?
So now I have. And if other people want to use them, they can go ahead...i'd really, really like credit, but I understand if you forget who you got these icons from. That can happen sometimes. I'd also like it if people commented on what/if they're taking any, and if they like anything or have some suggestions for things to do/try out/improve on?

I just started playing with photoshop, you see...

The unimpressive first iconses!Collapse )

EDIT: Oh, crap, I numbered them backwards! ...oh, well. The 001s are actually some of the last ones I did, though you can kind of tell that already from the quality. Some of these I wouldn't've even put up, but I want to be able to look back and see if i've improved. =\
Also, for Guilty Gear's 003 of these I used a brush from Here and Host Club's 001 and 002 Here

And thus, she updated just to update. D=

Life is squeaky.

Music for more than itself. D:
Description via songs! D:

Someone You're Going to Tag To Do This: uhhh...Xarinrex and quatrekins?  D:  I don't think yakk'd do it, otherwise i'd tag him too.  No one has to do it.  xD

And after that post, I come up with stuff to say.
Today's the last day of the second week of college for me.  Alright, so it's not what you'd normally picture for a college -it's a community college in my area.  I applied to it and a well-known, well-thought-of college but even though I got accepted into the latter, I appreciated the less money required in the former option.

As bad as I am when it comes to plans, I have a pretty good idea that it's better to pay less for the same classes than to pay more just for the college name.  D:  The college name only matters if it's...well, one of those amazingly-ultra-snazzy places.

My, ah, now ex-boyfriend (is it really ex?  The way things are, it's so confusing), asked that because of the mess his life is in right now, he'd like to just be friends at the moment.  I agreed, trying to be as reasonable as possible, since - regardless what he says, he loves me and I love him.  That might change, hell it's more likely now that it's this "just friends" thing until he gets things back in gear for himself, but why worry more when that is actually out of my power?  Fretting about it and harrassing him isn't going to help my wants any.

Lack of sleep and difficulty sleeping, though, is a terrible thing.  D:

Drawing the non-anime stuff again.  ...The stuff that makes people usually go "WTF?!" or worry about talking to me.  ._.  Sadly it's the stuff I feel most closely with, the pieces of me that i'm least willing to share through any means but art.

I don't have any idea.

Random List

Songs to do with love that make me think of certain signs.

Have any that make you think of any signs?  Why?  Let me know~
Don't know your sign?  Don't see yours up here?  Demand that I give you one, or explain why I gave your sign the one I did!  XD I dunno.

Just thought i'd actually update.
Eh-heh. Whoopsie.

I've become a little addicted to Lost, but i've only seen the first few episodes from Season 1. Hopefully I manage to finish watching those episodes before Season 2 comes out on dvd. =3

Life is good for me lately, minus the fact that i'm really exhausted and physically ill, sometimes I have big boughts of insecurity and other things.

Signed up for college classes i'll be taking in the fall. Hooray! I'm glad that's out of the way.

And...that's about it.

Personality test, test, test.

So, I took this personality test and I got Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving as the four main points of my personality...

Curious, I desired to find out...more!
What's My Personality? The highlights of the serious answers.Collapse )

What's My Personality? The humorous version.Collapse )

What's YOUR personality? Christine wants to know!Collapse )

I think it sounds like me, really. I think, sadly, it sounds a lot like me.

I wish someone would lend me their hands.

Hands are very, very fun to draw.


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